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The Foreign Desk

Overseas Stints Helped These Associates Stand Out, Build Confidence

Age Appropriate

Youthful Touches and Proper Tailoring Give 40-Something Lawyer a Suitably Stylish Look

What Tears May Tell

A Birthday to Celebrate

Solosez Is More Than a Place to Get Tips–It’s Also a Community

A Call to Action

We Must Do Everything in Our Power to Help the Hurricane Victims

Beach House Bingo

Lawyer Seeks Sun, Fun and a Child-Friendly Sand Castle for his Family’s Vacation

A Helping of Healing

It’s probably safe to say that most people would recoil at the suggestion that they spend time with hardened criminals and the families of their victims. Not Janine Geske. A…

Hail to the Chief

Former Law Clerks for William Rehnquist Recall What They Learned and How He Touched Their Lives

Taxpayer Savings Time

Tax Laws Contain Incentives to Put Money Away for Retirement and College, but Some May Disappear After 2010

Snagging a Good Coach

Do Your Research Before Hiring Someone to Help Develop Your Practice or Career

Signs of Design

Office Decor Speaks to the Kind of Place Where You’ll Be Working

Bar None, and Then Some

Taking Another Bar Exam May Be Easier, But It’s Never More Fun

Welcome Home

A New York City Lawyer Learns Why Renting Beats Owning, at Least for Now

Listen Well

Balancing Act

Her Constitutional Tests and Strategic Concurrences Helped Make Sandra Day O’Connor a Force From the Center

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