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The Play Reigns Supreme

New York lawyer jay Harris knows a good play when he sees one–and he’s got the brass to back it up, including a Tony Award for his production of Side…

One L of a Read

Law schools are all about diversity these days, yet when it comes to reading about the law school experience, all the authors seem to be white guys from Harvard. Like…

Paradise Lawst

Brian T. Dougan, a litigator at Boston based Gibson & Behman, has become the ultimate island hopper. This spring, Dougan starts splitting his time between offices in Rhode Island and…

LA Lawyer Credits Yoga for Tension Relief

A Los Angeles lawyer says his yoga classes have helped him get in shape and combat stress on the job.

John Shaeffer brought in yoga instructors to teach lawyers at…

Vacation Base Camp

This Illinois lawyer seeks a vacation spot where he can stay connected to his office

Today in Legal History: Guillotine First Used, Vt. Civil Unions First in U.S.

On this day in 1792, the guillotine reportedly was first used in France to execute a highwayman, Nicolas-Jacques Pelletier. At the time, despite its subsequent notoriety as a means of…

Ex-Lawyer Flops in Effort to Sell Everything

The ex-lawyer who tried to see all her belongings on eBay didn’t get her asking price, so she’s trying a new approach.

Bidding reached $880 dollars in the final auction,…

Lawyer Retirements Loom

Forced retirement of hundreds of thousands of baby boomer lawyers in coming years could affect their mental health as well as their pocketbooks, according to a story in the

Law Student in Playboy Series

A student at Brooklyn Law School who appears naked in a Playboy TV program says she wanted to do something crazy before she became a lawyer.

Adriana Dominguez gave an…

Courting Fun

If you’ve ever tried to explain to your kids what exactly it is that lawyers do and come up short, you’re not alone. Lawyer Tina Nelson has a solution: Play…

Real Lawyers, Real Solutions

How to slay student debt, protect your practice and retire in style–our experts help three lawyers finesse their finances.

Fantasy Life, Real Law

Travel into Second Life––the virtual world where lawyers are having fun, exploring legal theory and even generating new business

Adding Light Motifs

A firm with a brightened-up image wants to give its offices a matching makeover

The Senior Circuit

This Lawyer Wants to Jump-Start His 60s With a Challenging Yet Safe Exercise Routine

Speaking Volumes

Welcome to part two of a column that asks the question: “What nonlaw book has been most important to you in your life as a lawyer, and why?”

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