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Lawyer Wins YouTube Fame with Anti-Law School Video

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A Virginia lawyer who is an aspiring novelist has now achieved YouTube fame with a humorous, animated video called “So You Want to Go to Law School.”

The video by lawyer David Kazzie features a jaded lawyer meeting with an eager-would be law student whose father thinks she could use the experienced lawyer’s advice. The characters speak in something of a monotone in the Xtranormal cartoon template.

The aspiring lawyer, Carrie-Ann, appears excited about all facets of the law, including constitutional, contract and legal aid cases. The lawyer tries to warn her that her aspirations may be too lofty.

“There are like three lawyers in America who argue constitutional issues,” the lawyer says. “They all went to Harvard and graduated in the 1970s. Did you go to Harvard?”

“I love the privileges and immunities clause,” Carrie-Ann responds.

Kazzie tells the Careerist blog that he wrote the video in two or three hours. After it was featured on Above the Law, it went viral and became the 22nd most-viewed video in October in YouTube’s film and animation section.

Kazzie now has a second video featuring Carrie-Ann in the first year of law school. She meets with a 2L who warns her about a civil pro prof who is like “the smoke monster from Lost wearing a Joseph Abboud suit.”

Kazzie handles disciplinary cases involving health care professionals for the state of Virginia.

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