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Clients as Teachers

Empathy Plus Experience Doesn’t Always Equal Understanding

Business Casual 101

Associate-to-be Learns Dressing Down Is Simply Dressing Up, With a Twist

Lost in the Law

When I first browsed through How Lawyers Lose Their Way: A Profession Fails its Creative Minds, the new book by law professors Jean Stefancic and Richard Delgado, I came upon…

Keeping It Safe

Measures Are Being Taken to Curb Violence Against Judges and Lawyers. But Will They Be Enough?

The Amazing Race

Internal Competition May Drive Achievement, But It Can Also Sink Morale. Where Should Firms Draw the Line?

Had Baby, Want Body

Free Weights and More Water Will Help This Busy Mom Slim Down and Shape Up

Fighting The Fear Factor

Of the emotions that typically tinge the experience of practicing law, it seems to me that one stands alone in both its impact and the frequency with which it arises:…


From Day Care to Playrooms, Catering to Kids Makes for Happier Lawyers, Clients

A Question of Identity

Imagine that outside your office there hangs an old-fashioned wooden shingle with your name on it. By way of acknowledging your professional status, it also says “Attorney at Law.”


Home Again

More Law Firms Create Alumni Programs to Foster Personal, Business Relationships

Help Is Available

The ABA Has Made Great Strides in Reaching Out to Lawyers in Need

Ambition Uncorked

Above the Trees looks at leaders and industries outside the law. It lets you draw analogies to how you run your business, how you deal with your clients and how you face your own challenges.

A Man for All Seasons

To Fit Everything In, This Overscheduled Attorney Must First Find Balance

Some Judges are Watching

After spending 11 years as a federal district judge in Texas, Royal Furgeson retains a visceral memory of how it felt to practice law.

“Near the end of my law…

Courtroom Card Sharks

Reading Reactions, Controlling Emotion Are Among Skills Lawyers Learn From Poker

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