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Tech Audit

80 ABA Journal Tech Audit articles.

D-I-Y Security

Guarding Your Data Is Just Common Sense

Smart Buy = Smartphone

The Newest Treo Device Is Like an Office in a Pocket

Think Ink

A Modern Law Library Has a Place for Books

Selling Law by The Penny

It’s a Bad Idea for Lawyers and Courts to Tack on Charges for Technology

One-Stop Software?

Some Small Firms Use One Program for Many Needs

Be Free!

Freeware–Choose and Use; Moneyware–Spend and Lose

D-I-Y Docs

Many Lawyers Don’t Need Complex Word Processing Programs

Keeping Your Distance

Security Systems Help Close the Door on Remote-Access Woes

The Expense of the New

Why Is Technology Costly? Because It’s Worth It

Take a Bite Out of Spam

Junk E-mail Can Be a Vexing Problem Without Management Tools

Computer Cops on the Case

Check Compliance With Software Licenses to Avoid Alliance’s Wrath

How High-Tech Are Courts?

States Ready to Emulate Federal Standard If They Could Just Get Financing

Virtual Storage

The Old, Gray File Cabinet Ain’t What It Used to Be

Do-It-Yourself Directions

Document Your Technology Usage to Avoid Repeating Mistakes

Reasons to Rent

Leasing Lets You Upgrade Technology Fast, Without a Big Cash Outlay

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