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Tech Audit

80 ABA Journal Tech Audit articles.

Self-Made Software

Creating Your Own Programs Can Make Sense Sometimes

Beyond The Books

With the Right Internet Services, You Can Save Cash and Forget the Shelves

Staying Above the E-Flood

Booming E-Discovery Market May Be Headed for a Shakeout

A Lot for a Little

Use Linux and Open-Source Software on a Junk Machine for a Near-Free PC

Business Intelligence

Software Firms Offer a Look Inside the Secret World of the Legal Market

Keep a Copy, Copy, Copy

It’s Hard to Have Too Much Redundancy of Your Data

The Notable Lotus Notes 7

Changes to This Collaboration Software Make Document Management Easier

Speedy Delivery

BlackBerry’s New 8700c Puts Broadband Right in Your Han

Finereader 8.0—It Beats 007

In Creating a Great Photocopy, There’s No Need to Be Flashy

Pretty Darn Awesome

Handheld Devices Make the Leap From Experiment to Everyday Use

E-Mail Evils

The Internet’s Postal System Has Become Bloated, Blocked, Risky and Less Reliable

Worst of the Web?

Two Reasons Lawyer Sites Stink: ’Cause they Do ’Em and ’Cause they Don’t

Why Webinar?

Web-Based Classes Could School Potential Clients–and Boost Business

Making a Case for Paper

There Are Times When Saving a Tree May Destroy a Forest of Useful Information

Watching The Watchers

Viruses, Spyware and Adware Demonstrate That Security Must Be a Top Priority

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