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80 ABA Journal Tech Audit articles.

Drudgery-Free Estate Plans

West’s Wills and Trusts Software Is Worth the Purchase Price

The Human Equation

Family Law Software Saves Time, But Too Much Technology Could Hurt a Practice

Razor’s Edge of Purchasing

To Shave a Lot off Equipment Price, Cut Down on the Software ‘Blades’ That You Buy

Porous Privilege

Lawyers Struggle to Keep Work Product, Legal Advice Secret in Electronic Discovery

Give Acrobat a Workout

The Professional Version Provides Many Uses in Law Office Tasks

Grasping the Concept

The Best Tool for Discovery Is Still a Good Lawyer’s Brain

Asking For ‘The File’

When Delivering Data in a Digital Age, What Role Does Paper Play?

Beware of Spyware

Litigants Sometimes Resort to Computer Snooping, But It Could Be a Crime

Grooving Together

Microsoft’s Purchase of a ‘Pip-squeak’ Shows It’s a Good Buy for You, Too

Prying Eyes

Self-Installing ‘Spyware’ Poses a Growing Threat to PCs

Call Off the Search

Good Organization Can Make a Digital Hunt Unnecessary

Internet Explorers

Choices, Bells and Whistles Await to Enhance Your Browsing Experience

What to Do? Click and See

A Database Can Be Your To-Do List, With Built-in Prompts

Don’t Try This at Home

Doing E-Discovery Is Best Left to Outside Experts

Digital Burnout

Conquer Technology–Don’t Let It Conquer You

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