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Tech Audit

80 ABA Journal Tech Audit articles.

SharePoint: A Legal Killer App

Multipurpose tool pulls in the info, lets you collaborate

Really Simple Competitive Intelligence

Alerts keep you on top of information your client needs

Hiding Assets

Keep your sensitive e-data safe with encryption

Tech Greats for ‘08

Spruce up your buying strategy for a better year

Fear of the ‘Native’

How e-discovery data is delivered can be a costly decision

Power Passwords

Use these tricks to protect your data from everyone (except yourself)

We Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Software

Time-and-billing applications are slow to catch on at some firms

How Smart Should Your Phone Be?

While some decry feature creep, others sing the praises of bells and whistles

Finding It—Difficult

Desktop search engines locate those ‘use this later’ documents

Testing Your Tech

Ten digital tasks to help you find out how your office measures up

The Cost of Free

Don’t bet the firm on no- or low-price software

A Lot of Room in Its View

Microsoft’s Vista stores much more data—and may affect the discovery process

CRM Catching On

Software makers gear products to law firms’ client-management needs

On Software: Move It or Lose It?

Knowing when to be an early adopter may just save your firm

Eek Is for E-Mail

You can manage the mess of messages–but first let go of the paper

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