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Tech Audit

80 ABA Journal Tech Audit articles.

Thumb-Thing Good

For road warriors: trailer-size space in a finger-size ‘trunk’

‘Acrobatics’ with a Twist—No Adobe

There are alternatives, considering what you want to do

Acrobat 8 Does Flips for Attorneys

Added features include redaction and Bates numbering

Rail-Splitter, Tech User

Abe Lincoln embraced innovation to help him do more with less

Virtual Virtue

Video conferencing can be a breeze with Adobe Acrobat Connect Professional

Embracing the Pod

Podcasting offers a digital method to talk up your firm and your ideas

Costly Freebies

Yes, Virginia, There Is Free Software, but Beware of Those Who Want to Sell It

In Search Of E-Expertise

It Takes More Than a Web Search to Find the E-Discovery Skills to Win Your Case

Lights, Camera ...

Get the Right Tools and the Skills to Burn DVDs That Speak at Trial

The E-Law Experience

Some, But Not All, Find Virtual Success Unbundling Legal Services on the Web

Bye-Bye, Bill

With Gates Leaving Microsoft Soon, How Will Your Choices Change?

Data Decay

Don’t Trust the Hype! Make Sure Your Storage Devices Aren’t Prematurely Aging

Hard Drive Homicide

Old Hard Drives Must Rest in Pieces for Lawyers to Truly Rest in Peace

Who’s the Best with Words?

We Put MS Word, WordPerfect and OpenOffice Through Their Paces

Discovery Downsized

It’s Not Easy, But Small Firms Can Tackle E-Discovery Challenges

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