U.S. Supreme Court

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Ever True to Brown?

Two Public School Cases Raise the Legacy of the Famed Desegregation Ruling

Tales Of Hoffman

A 2002 High Court Case Figures Prominently in Immigrant Rights Battle

Facing the Facts

Abortion Case May Turn on Whether Courts or Congress Are Deemed Better Fact-Finders

Great Taste, Less Filling

The High Court’s New Term Is Light on Load, But the Subjects Are Still Spicy

Stating the Obvious

Next Big Issue: Can an Invention Be Denied a Patent ‘Just Because It’s Stupid’?

Deja Vu Once Again

Despite New Faces on the Supreme Court, Term’s Ending Is Familiar

Miranda’s Reprieve

How Rehnquist Spared the Landmark Confession Case, but Weakened Its Impact

High and Mighty

Some Big Firms Are Using Supreme Court Practice Groups to Boost the Bottom Line

Open for Business

The Concerns of Corporate America Are Front and Center at the Supreme Court

Confronting 911 Evidence

High Court Ponders Whether Statements Are ‘Testimonial,’ Requiring Confrontation

All Over the Map

Politics and Law Mix as High Court Weighs Jumping Into Gerrymandering Flap

Big Patent Year Pending

This Term the Supreme Court May Make Some Big Changes in Patent Law

Going With the Flow

Wetlands Cases Raise Anew the Question of the Environment and Federal Power

Electing to Change

In the Age of Big-Money Campaigns, High Court Takes a New Look at Spending

Evidence and Doubt

High Court Will Weigh Those Issues in Capital and Search Cases This Term

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