U.S. Supreme Court

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Taking Control

The Eminent Domain Controversy Finds a Battlefront in the Development of a Cincinnati Suburb

The Race on Roberts

ABA Committee Members Wore Their Running Shoes to Vet Court Nominee

Again, It’s Abortion

New High Court Hears a Decades-Old Issue, May Decide How Settled It Really Is

Ink and IP

A Battle Over Selling Printer Ink Pushes Patent Rights Up Against Antitrust Law

Hail to the Chief

Former Law Clerks for William Rehnquist Recall What They Learned and How He Touched Their Lives

Beyond The Bench

Rehnquist Proved an Astute Advocate of the Courts, But Some Wonder Whether His Successor Should Cut Back

A Reading on Roberts

High Court’s Lineup May Be an Early Test for the First New Justice in 11 Years

Judges in the Culture Wars Crossfire

The ‘Least Dangerous Branch’ Is Becoming the Most Vilified Branch. A High-Profile Panel Debates Whether the Criticism Threatens Judicial Independence.

Cases & Controversies

Some Decisions Are All the Rage–Literally

Inching Away From Death?

Ineffective-Assistance Rulings Show High Court Wary of Lawyering in Capital Cases

Balancing Act

Her Constitutional Tests and Strategic Concurrences Helped Make Sandra Day O’Connor a Force From the Center

Challenging Peremptories

Court Doesn’t Buy Proposal to End Jury-Selection Bias by Barring No-Cause Strikes

Ascendant Stevens

O’Connor’s Retirement Wasn’t the Only Surprise, as the Senior Justice Held Sway

Who is a Partner?

The EEOC Looks Beyond Titles in its Age Discrimination Case Against a Law Firm

Minor Miracles

Two Firms Take Different–But Successful–Paths to Get Cases Before the High Court

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