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Judges in the Culture Wars Crossfire

The ‘Least Dangerous Branch’ Is Becoming the Most Vilified Branch. A High-Profile Panel Debates Whether the Criticism Threatens Judicial Independence.

Cases & Controversies

Some Decisions Are All the Rage–Literally

Inching Away From Death?

Ineffective-Assistance Rulings Show High Court Wary of Lawyering in Capital Cases

Balancing Act

Her Constitutional Tests and Strategic Concurrences Helped Make Sandra Day O’Connor a Force From the Center

Challenging Peremptories

Court Doesn’t Buy Proposal to End Jury-Selection Bias by Barring No-Cause Strikes

Ascendant Stevens

O’Connor’s Retirement Wasn’t the Only Surprise, as the Senior Justice Held Sway

Who is a Partner?

The EEOC Looks Beyond Titles in its Age Discrimination Case Against a Law Firm

Minor Miracles

Two Firms Take Different–But Successful–Paths to Get Cases Before the High Court

Will Youth be Served?

Death Penalty Ruling Points Up Changes in Thinking About Juvenile Justice System

Rethinking Sentencing

Recent High Court Decisions Give Congress a Chance to Test Kennedy Commission Ideas

Of Motives and Memos

Supreme Court Will Hear the Tale of Arthur Andersen’s Fall

The Verdict on Juries

More States Are Adopting Jury Reforms, Freeing Jurors to Take Notes and Ask Questions. But Some Judges Are Slow to Embrace the Changes.

Future Factors

After Sentencing Rulings, Many States Are Poised to Revamp Their Systems

The Net Effect

High Court Enters the Digital Age With Cases on File-Sharing, Cable Competition

Gideon’s Promise

Committee Report Examines State of Indigent Defense in Retrospect of Landmark Case

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