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Florida courthouses are generally required to provide lactation spaces under new law

Republican Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis signed a bill last week that requires county courthouses in the state to have private, clean lactation rooms with at least one electrical outlet.

Breyer shares views on treatment of female classmates at Harvard during law school talk

In a discussion at the George Washington University Law School on Tuesday, retired U.S. Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer admitted that he did not fully appreciate how challenging sexism was for his female classmates at Harvard Law School in the early 1960s.

Retired state supreme court justice tapped to lead law school

North Carolina Central University has appointed Patricia Timmons-Goodson, a retired North Carolina Supreme Court justice, as the dean of its law school.

Federal circuit judge, 95, flunked security training, displayed hacking paranoia, exam order alleges

Judge Pauline Newman of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit has until May 23 to decide whether she will submit to a medical examination for competency with two specialists, according to a May 16 order by a three-judge investigative committee that details the reasons for its concerns.

Massachusetts US attorney will resign; probe finds ‘extraordinary breach of public trust’

Updated: Massachusetts U.S. Attorney Rachael Rollins will resign Friday, two days after new investigative reports condemned her for attending a Democratic fundraiser and for leaking information to the press in "an extraordinary breach of public trust."

Gender, race and finances for law school admittees examined in new report

In 2022, 70% of law school applicants received admissions offers, and men continue to be admitted at higher rates than women, according to a report released Tuesday by the AccessLex Institute, a nonprofit organization.

Only 58% of women lawyers in BigLaw would recommend legal careers for their daughters, survey says

Work-life balance is still an issue for women lawyers working in BigLaw, according to a survey of nearly 200 women attorneys by legal intelligence provider Leopard Solutions.

After judge calls prosecution office a ‘rudderless ship of chaos,’ its leader resigns

“Embattled” is a word that multiple news stories have used to describe St. Louis Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner, who announced her resignation Thursday, after she was accused of mismanaging her office by the state attorney general and contempt of court by a frustrated judge.

Grit and growth mindset boosts work of teams, new ABA report finds

Can teams operate in a gritty and growth mindset-oriented way, and if so, does that make them more successful?

ABA announces 2023 Margaret Brent Award recipients

Five women who are continuing the legacy of the first female lawyer in America will receive the 2023 Margaret Brent Women Lawyers of Achievement Award at the ABA Annual Meeting in August, the ABA Commission on Women in the Profession has announced.

ABA endorses 10 principles to improve gender equality in the criminal legal profession

In ‘Her Honor,’ trailblazing women judges take center stage

When Lauren Stiller Rikleen was approached in 2020 by the ABA Judicial Division to help compile autobiographical stories from women judges in America, a powerful motivating factor for her was to capture stories of the barriers that the judges overcame in their words.

Family law gave this lawyer some ideas about what clients really want

Jessica Bednarz has spent much of her career representing people, researching access-to-justice issues and using that knowledge to try to find better ways to deliver legal services. That includes using what’s known as “design thinking” for developing client service programs.

These 10 principles will advance gender equity in criminal legal profession, ABA House says

The House of Delegates addressed the deep-rooted differences between male and female attorneys in the criminal legal profession at the ABA Midyear Meeting in New Orleans on Monday.

High rates of burnout have lawyers in this state considering leaving their jobs or the legal profession

More than three-fourths of Massachusetts lawyers are experiencing burnout, and almost half have thought about leaving their legal employer or the legal profession for that reason or because of stress in the last three years.

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