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14-Year-Old Florida Killer Copied Movie Characters, Expert Says

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A South Florida teen who admittedly killed a middle school classmate in 2004, when both boys were 14, allegedly modeled his behavior on the movies.

An expert for the defense testified yesterday that Michael Hernandez identified with the serial killers in movies including American Psycho and The Silence of the Lambs, adopting some of their behaviors as his own as he pursued a plan to become a serial killer himself, reports the Miami Herald. The teen’s lawyers are trying to prove an insanity defense in his ongoing murder trial.

Hernandez understood society thought his plan was wrong, but believed God agreed with him, explained the defense expert, Vanessa Archer, who is a psychologist. Even after his arrest, Hernandez expected God to give him special powers and help him escape from jail.

”He’s a boy whose fantasies blurred with reality,” she said of Hernandez, who is now 18.

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