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Besides 'Animal House,' What Pop Culture References Inspire You?

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We learned this week that criminal defense attorney Mickey Sherman, author of the new book How Can You Defend Those People?, finds inspiration from the cult-classic Animal House.

Sherman, it seems, learned from those ‘78 Delta House frat boys how to deflect guilt by blaming the system.

This made us wonder…

What popular culture references do you find inspiring?

Answer in the comments below.

Read last week’s near-dud of a question and answers about law firm support of blogs.

Our Favorite Answer From Last Week:

Posted by Law Firm Associate Blogger: I write a law blog as a marketing tool, and because I’m interested in the area of law. The reaction from the law firm partners has been generally positive. My direct superior has been enthusiastic and supportive. However, there is some confusion among the partners about what a blog is, and there was a misguided suggestion by one partner that the firm might appropriate my blog for official law firm use.

Also, it’s been made clear to me that blogging should be done on my own time. What’s less clear is what “my own time” means. We are required to do a certain number of non-billable marketing hours in addition to the billables, so I would hope that blogging counts as marketing.

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