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Did you like law school?

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Corrected: In the last week, Indiana Gov. Mike Pence—who graduated from the Indiana University Robert H. McKinney School of Law in 1986—was named Donald Trump’s running mate on the Republican presidential ticket. In a 1994 news story unearthed in response to Pence’s nomination, Pence said he didn’t like law school.

“No one I know likes law school,” he told the Indianapolis Business Journal (PDF) at the time. “It was a bad experience. I wouldn’t wish it on a dog I didn’t like.”

So this week, we’d like to ask you: Did you like law school? (Or, if you’re in law school right now—do you like it?) Do you have happy memories of your student days—the informal lifestyle, the friendships, having high hopes for the unknown future? Or are you just extremely glad it’s all behind you now?

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Featured answer:

Posted by DesertDavey: “I have been denied promotion on several occasions, passed over by those very junior to me (and in several cases, passed over by people whom I had trained and mentored when they joined the office), according to my supervisor, on the grounds of ‘fit.’ I always assumed that ‘fit’ is the word used by management when they know perfectly well that if they TOLD YOU the real reason why you were passed over, they could be sued for unlawful discrimination. So the word ‘fit’ is what they use to avoid that consequence. But maybe I’m biased.”

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Updated July 21 to correctly name Pence’s law school.

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