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Do you have self-care routines?

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Many lawyers complain about their stress and anxiety—perhaps you do as well. But what are the concrete steps you take to manage stress and anxiety?

In the August issue of the ABA Journal, lawyer Jeena Cho directly addresses self-care, which she defines as “any activity or behavior you do to take care of your mental, emotional and physical well-being” and bringing an attitude of mindfulness to that activity.

Some examples Cho gives of self-care activities are taking the time from your busy schedule to:

• Enjoy your lunch away from your computer.
• Enjoy time in nature.
• Go to the doctor for a physical.

This week, we’d like to ask you: Do you have self-care routines? Are there activities you always make time for in your day, week, month or year no matter how busy you are, for the sake of your well-being,

Answer in the comments.

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Featured answer:

Posted by judgejj: “On a lifetime scale, the bar exam is not all that important. On July 20, 1969—the eve of my first bar exam—the first moon landing was delayed. The first step on the moon did not occur until about 10:15 p.m. A classmate and I were sharing a motel room in Albany, New York. We stopped our last cram efforts to watch the delayed events unfold on a small, grainy, black-and-white television. As the hours passed, we debated more study or going to sleep. We finally concluded that there were plenty of bar exams, but we would never have another chance to watch the first moon landing and first man walk on the moon. We didn’t get a lot of sleep, but we both passed. Later, I took and passed the bar exam in two other states, bolstered by the same attitude.”

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