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Have You Ever Taken Legal Action Against a Retailer? Or Left Negative Feedback on a Review Website?

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Many who manage to avoid shopping for most of the year still find themselves visiting dozens of stores or doing lots of online shopping during the holiday season—whether it’s to buy gifts for family members or take advantage of Black Friday deals.

But sometimes promised merchandise isn’t delivered or other things go wrong, and you find yourself expending a lot of time and energy to get relief from managers who don’t seem to care about your problems with their company. It’s tempting to try to start working outside of the system.

So this week, we’d like to ask you: Have you ever taken legal action against a retailer? Or left negative feedback on a review website? Are you hesitant to take your grievances to Yelp after reading about how writers of Yelp reviews have faced lawsuits themselves?

Answer in the comments.

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Featured answer:

Posted by Todd: “I’ve had to explain to my nonlawyer friends what the phrase ‘sua sponte’ means, because I use it in everyday language. ‘We agreed to go to Olive Garden, but she sua sponte drove me to Taco Bell!’”

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