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Holiday Gifts for Lawyers: Tech Toys, Greta Garbo's Lawyer Letter & SCOTUS Losers Mug

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Quick: Who was the winner in the Dred Scott case? What about Plessy v. Ferguson?

For those who don’t immediately know, a coffee mug offers the answer concerning these and 28 other famous U.S. Supreme Court decisions: “Add a hot beverage and the losers disappear, revealing who won these landmark cases,” explains the Unemployed Philosophers Guild. It provides a video of the cup’s disappearing losers and suggests the $12.95 mug as an entertaining and educational gift for constitutional scholars and judges, as well as those who aspire to fill their shoes. [Hat tip: Law and Magic Blog.]

But this is far from the only option for those looking to give—or receive—holiday gifts with a legal theme or purpose this year. Other suggestions being bandied about on the Internet as the post-Thanksgiving shopping extravaganza looms include a letter from Greta Garbo to her lawyer ($3,495, see Virginia Law Weekly article for more details) and a plethora of tech toys appropriate both as gifts to others and gifts to self.

An ABA Law Practice Management Section’s Digital Edge podcast offers additional suggestions (iPad anyone? how about a device that converts it into a refrigerator magnet?), as does Reid My Blog!

This is the sixth year that blog author Reid Trautz has compiled his Holiday Gift Guide for Lawyers.

Among the suggestions on his 2010 list:

The Discovery Channel’s Life series, for lawyers too busy billing time to have seen it when it first aired. Price: $50-$70.

Vu-Point Magic Wand Portable Scanner. For under $100, Trautz notes that lawyers can own an light-weight, inexpensive battery-operated portable full-page scanner that fits inside a briefcase.

StayPuft Caffeinated Marshmallows “may be a Godsend to a lawyer pulling an all-nighter.” Price: $19.99.

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