More PIs in U.K. Divorce Cases, Assets at Issue

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A modern-day need to ascertain assets, rather than a traditional desire to document infidelity, reportedly is a key factor driving a big increase in the use of private investigators in British divorce cases.

A recent survey of 100 United Kingdom matrimonial lawyers by business advisers Grant Thornton found nearly half of their cases for the last year involved the use of a private investigator, writes the Herald, a Glasgow, Scotland newspaper. That compares with less than a quarter during the previous 12 months.

However, using a private investigator carries a risk of wrongdoing that could backfire on counsel—with modern technology, it is relatively easy for unscrupulous PIs to violate the opposing party’s privacy, according to the newspaper. In one egregious ongoing case, a husband’s investigator allegedly installed Trojan snooping software on his soon-to-be-divorced wife’s computer that monitored every keystroke she made.

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