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New law firm caters to gun-toting Virginians worried about legal defense costs

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Gun-toting Virginians worried about legal defense costs are being offered peace of mind by a new law firm formed by the state’s former attorney general, Ken Cuccinelli.

The new firm, Virginia Self Defense Law, offers a monthly retainer as low as $8.33 a month, the Washington Post reports. For that price, the firm will defend clients who face firearms charges for acting in self-defense or those who are “harassed by law enforcement” for carrying a legal weapon.

Cuccinelli formed the firm with three other lawyers, including State Sen. Thomas Garrett Jr., R-Louisa, a former prosecutor.

The firm defends clients free of charge, with no cap, though clients have to pick up expert-witness fees and pay their own bail, the story says. The firm will not defend clients, however, who are accused of using a weapon while engaging in illegal activity. The retainer agreement took six months to draft, according to the firm’s website.

“We at Virginia Self Defense Law know that guns save lives,” the website says. “Well, we don’t save lives, we save life savings! Our retainer agreement could save you and your family from going bankrupt for merely defending yourself.”

The firm has been marketing at gun shows and has about 30 clients so far, the story says.

“All of us … can name cases we know of in various places where really outrageous things went on just to torment lawful, law-abiding gun owners,” Cuccinelli told the Post. “We’re filling a market need.”

Cuccinelli also has a separate law firm that focuses on constitutional law, complex civil litigation and health-care fraud.

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