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Tweeting from Jury Duty, Steve Martin Judges Defense Lawyer Guilty

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At the beginning of jury selection, it looked as if comedian Steve Martin had prejudged the case.

“REPORT FROM JURY DUTY: defendant looks like a murderer,” he tweeted on Monday. “GUILTY. Waiting for opening remarks.”

It turned out Martin had prejudged the wrong person. Later he tweeted, “REPORT FROM JURY DUTY: guy I thought was up for murder turns out to be defense attorney. I bet he murdered someone anyway.” Nor did he like the prosecutor. “REPORT FROM JURY DUTY: Prosecuting attorney. Don’t like his accent. Serbian? Going with INNOCENT. We’re five minutes in.”

Reuters reported on Martin’s Twitter posts, saying they “read like a parody of the scourge of the tweeting juror.” A spokeswoman for Martin told the wire service in a story published Wednesday that he was a prospective juror, but his jokes weren’t factual.

Martin, however, claims he made it on the jury. There is this tweet, for instance: “REPORT FROM JURY DUTY: Attorneys presenting ‘evidence.’ Since when are security photos, DNA, and testimony evidence? Trusting intuition.”

Martin is also, apparently, considering outside evidence. “REPORT FROM JURY DUTY: Now forcing my autograph on other jurors. Also starting whisper campaign of innocence based on Magic 8 Ball,” he wrote.

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