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‘Ungainly’ Phillie Phanatic Bumps into Lawsuits

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The Phillie Phanatic’s Supreme Court connections haven’t spared the lovable baseball icon from becoming perhaps the most sued mascot in the majors.

The Philadelphia Daily News calls the Phanatic a “big green litigation machine” and details the latest lawsuit, filed by a woman who claims the mascot injured her knees when he climbed through the stands and onto her legs during a 2008 minor league game.

Nova Southeastern University law professor Bob Jarvis gave the Phanatic the title of most-sued mascot in a 2002 law review article, a claim disputed by a Phillies spokeswoman. Jarvis speculated on the reasons why the Phanatic is such a litigation magnet.

He’s had a long tenure, which means more time to be targeted in lawsuits. His rotund girth is “very ungainly,” and he’s supposed to “walk around and do crazy things,” increasing the possibility of accidents. Then again, the suits could be the result of a “litigious society.”

Phillies fan Justice Samuel A. Alito Jr. got a big hug from the Phanatic during a welcome dinner when he joined the U.S. Supreme Court.

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