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What Kind of Lawyer Are You ... Mac or PC?

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We’ve been carefully following Mac v. PC issues for a long time, but more closely since “MacGate” at law school exam time uncovered headaches for Apple computer users a while back.

Then this month’s issue of the ABA Journal came out with a cover story/debate about whether lawyers should stick with marketshare and cling to their PCs or venture into Mac territory.

This made us wonder …

Have you confronted the Mac v. PC issue? And if so, what did you decide?

Answer in the comments below.

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Our Favorite Answer From Last Week:

Posted by “Maria V”: When I was a paralegal at a small firm before law school, my boss left a note on my chair one day asking me to get him a box of pencils from the supply room and to sharpen them for him. I did, and left them on his desk. After he got back, he came by to see me. “These pencils aren’t sharp enough,” he said. “I need you to re-sharpen them.” Power trip, anyone? At the time I was only 22, it was my first job out of college, and I was too intimidated to say anything. After similar incidents over the course of a year, though, I got more confident and less scared and I began speaking up when I felt I was being disrespected. Right before I left, my boss asked me if I really thought I would be treated better at my next job. “I’m going to make sure of it,” I replied. And I’ve had pretty good working relationships ever since.

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