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Would-Be Law Student Misses Grandma’s Funeral for LSAT, Sees Scent as a Sign

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A would-be law student wrote an advice columnist about a difficult choice: Should he take the Law School Admission Test or attend his grandmother’s funeral?

The student (whose gender isn’t identified) wrote Dear Prudence, who advised him to take the test. The student tells Prudence in an update published in the Washington Post that he took the test and received a sign that all was well:

“There was a moment during the test when my mind drifted to her funeral and melancholy began to overtake me,” he writes. “At that point, I noticed a scent of hairspray—the same one my grandma used for the past 60 years. I teared up, knowing that she was right there with me and she was proud of me.”

Hat tip to Above the Law, which had disagreed with Prudence’s advice.

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