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ABA Midyear Meeting

ABA member dues will be raised for the first time since 2015

ABA Leadership

Supporting democracy, exploring AI and highlighting member experiences are ABA President Mary Smith’s priorities

House of Delegates

Traumatic impacts of threats on judges, their families and court staff should be studied

House of Delegates

Pronouns should be respected and trans youths protected

Civil Rights

Top state court will hear condo board dispute over emotional support dog

ABA Public Service

ABA entities help amplify the ‘court watch’ movement

U.S. Supreme Court

Can Congress bind Supreme Court on ethics code? Alito offers opinion

U.S. Supreme Court

With only Democratic votes, Supreme Court ethics bill advances to Senate

ABA Leadership

Bill Bay, the ABA’s president-elect nominee, hopes to attract new lawyers to the association

ABA Leadership

Meet Our Nominees: ABA candidates, in their own words

News Roundup

Weekly Briefs: New ethics rule considered in Virginia; name partner launches new firm

ABA Midyear Meeting

A binding code of ethics for SCOTUS justices is needed to protect the court’s credibility, delegates say

Children & the Law

Protection Services: Meet the lawyers and staff behind the ABA’s work in children’s law

Year in Review: Members Who Inspire

Meet 12 ABA members who inspired us in 2022


Aftershocks: Navigating the morass of state abortion laws post-Roe

ABA Annual Meeting

Passing the Gavel: ABA leaders spoke of hope, civility and tenacity

Report from Governmental Affairs

ABA works to provide nonpartisan info and protect access to the ballot box

Access to Justice

California bill signed into law restricts state bar sandbox proposals

ABA Insider

A Fresh Approach: ABA steps up efforts to advance environmental justice

President's Letter

ABA Survey of Civic Literacy shows people are in favor of protecting the right to vote

ABA Insider

As ABA president-elect nominee, Mary Smith says her North Star is member service

ABA Insider

Meet This Year’s Nominees: ABA candidates highlight positive experiences, plans for year

ABA Midyear Meeting

Fortifying Defenses: ABA president stresses association’s mission as ‘storm clouds’ threaten rule of law

ABA Midyear Meeting

Home Security: ABA develops 10 guidelines to aid tenants and landlords dealing with evictions

Midyear Meeting

ABA vows to fight challenges to free and fair elections

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