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Dems, GOP Bring in Military Officers to Discuss Kagan’s Harvard Policies (Podcast)
Law School Cases, Press Coverage and Other Notable Items (Podcast)
GOP Takes 2nd Round: ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell,’ Military Recruiting (Podcast)
GOP Takes Aim at Kagan’s Record, But She Has Breezy Conversation with Graham (Podcast)
Busy Last Day at the Court Collides with Busy Hearing Day On the Hill (Podcast)
Attorneys in SCOTUS’ Honest-Services Cases Discuss Future of Fraud Prosecutions (Podcast)
How Law Schools Can Help Next Gen Lawyers Take Gamble Out of Hefty Tuition (Podcast)

More and more, critics of ever-increasing law school tuition say enrolling only makes economic sense if students don’t have to pay tuition, or graduate from a top-tier school.

Chemerinsky, Stras & Turk on Kagan’s Nomination (Podcast)

Podcast Transcript:

After weeks of speculation, it was leaked yesterday that Elena Kagan would be President Obama’s U.S. Supreme Court nominee. It’s doubtful many were surprised by the news,…

Management on Social Media: Good Employee Communication Tool or Liability? (Podcast)

Using social media is as easy as sending an e-mail and is quickly becoming the preferred way for many to communicate.

But is it the right platform for managers looking for ways to keep their employees informed and engaged? Or are they risking too much by exposing themselves and their companies to unnecessary liabilities?

Lat, Volokh & Thai on Front-Runners & Dark Horses to Replace Stevens (Podcast)

Long before Justice John Paul Stevens made it official, U.S. Supreme Court watchers were speculating about who would be named to fill his shoes.

Alt. Billing is Part of Fundamental Shift in Buying Trends, Corp. Counsel and Partners Say (Podcast)

The topic of alternative billing keeps coming up as the antidote to the oft-vilified billable hour. But when we’ve tried to pin down law firm leaders and chief legal officers to ask them if they’re using alternative billing and how, we get silence or lots of excuses and finger pointing to explain why they aren’t opting for billable hour alternatives.

This made us wonder who is actually using alternative billing. For those who are using it, how’s it working out? For those who aren’t, why not?

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