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Cyberattack led to state’s delayed online bar exam, software provider says

A testing delay with Michigan’s online bar exam was caused by the outside provider experiencing a distributed denial of service attack, the state supreme court's communications director announced Tuesday evening.

State’s online bar exam is delayed after tech glitch

Some test-takers of the online Michigan bar exam had a brief password glitch on Tuesday, the state supreme court announced in a late morning tweet.

2020 Harvard Law grad postpones bar exam and her wedding plans because of COVID-19

This past spring, when few people realized that most July bar exams would ultimately be canceled, Molly Coleman decided to forgo the test, for the time being, despite her lawyer father’s objections.

Online bar exams delayed in 2 states because of issues with testing software

Nevada and Indiana have pushed back the dates for their online bar exams after users taking practice tests encountered technology problems.

Afternoon Briefs: Most judges see systemic racism; former Trump lawyer sent back to prison over tell-all book

Most judges say systemic racism exists in criminal justice system

Sixty-five percent of 634 judges responding to a survey said they think systemic racism exists in the criminal justice system.…

Do some states really prohibit bringing tampons and pads to the bar exam?

There are many things the National Conference of Bar Examiners thinks test-takers should not bring to a bar exam in the interest of test security—but tampons and sanitary napkins are not on the list, says Judith Gundersen, the NCBE’s president and CEO.

New York and Illinois join others moving to October online bar exam; another jurisdiction grants diploma privilege

In light of public health concerns, Illinois and New York have joined the growing list of states that canceled in-person bar exams, with plans for an October remote test offered by the National Conference of Bar Examiners.

Another state cancels September bar exam and replaces it with online test over COVID-19 concerns

On Monday, Georgia canceled its in-person September bar exam because of public health concerns stemming from the novel coronavirus pandemic.

California announces online October bar exam, lowered cut score and supervised practice

California will have an online multiple-choice question bar exam in October, the state supreme court announced Thursday.

New York cancels September bar exam, and considers NCBE’s October offering

New York’s September bar exam has been canceled, the state court of appeals announced on its website Thursday.

“Unfortunately, the global pandemic presents a persisting threat in a growing number…

Louisiana backs out of in-person and remote July bar exams, and New Jersey cancels as well

Instead of following a May plan to shorten the Louisiana bar exam from three days to one, and offer it in person and online, the state announced Wednesday that both July tests will be canceled.

Tennessee cancels in-person bar exam for the second time and switches to NCBE remote test

Following a recent order that its July bar exam was rescheduled for Sept. 30 and Oct. 1, the Tennessee Supreme Court on Monday canceled that test as well over public health concerns. It is now offering the online exam prepared by the National Conference of Bar Examiners on Oct. 5-6.

Another state cancels its July and September bar exams because of COVID-19 concerns

In light of COVID-19 concerns, Kentucky canceled on Thursday its July and September bar exams, which would have been in-person tests. The state now plans to use the National Conference of Bar Examiners remote test, which is scheduled for early October.

Some states are devoted to in-person July bar exams, despite health risks from COVID-19

As various states cancel in-person July bar exams because of COVID-19 concerns, others appear undecided or even committed to keeping things as is—even in places experiencing significant infection increases.

Despite an increase in coronavirus cases, Arizona keeps plan for in-person July bar

Despite public health concerns, Arizona is going forward with its plans for an in-person bar exam on July 28 and 29, but it will also offer a remote bar in October, the state supreme court announced Wednesday.

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