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US-Educated Human Rights Lawyer Among 4 Convicted in Vietnam

An American-educated human rights lawyer was among four dissidents sentenced in Vietnam yesterday after being tried for trying to overthrow the government.

The lawyer, Le Cong Dinh, was sentenced to…

China ‘Disbars’ Human Rights Lawyers by Letting Licenses Lapse

Yitong Law Firm, which has become one of China’s fiercest and most vocal advocates for human rights, may find it has lost its voice.

Since the beginning of this year,…

Human Rights Victims Want $5M Accounting From Judge Real

Lawyers battling over funds seized for human rights victims of the late Philippine dictator Ferdinand Marcos have asked an appeals court to force a controversial federal judge to account for…

Russian Human Rights Lawyer Shot and Killed

A Russian human rights lawyer and a journalist were shot and killed Monday.

Colleagues suspect lawyer Stanislav Markelov and journalist Anastasia Baburova were targeted because of their work, the

Torture Tactics of ‘24’ Examined by Human Rights Group—and Show’s Characters

Tough-guy Jack Bauer of the FOX TV program 24 never thought twice about hardball tactics that included shootings, beatings, mutilations and electroshocks. He and his colleagues did whatever was needed…

Toxic Mercury Pellets Found in Car of Russian Human Rights Lawyer

Russian human rights lawyer Karinna Moskalenko is ill, and toxic mercury pellets found in her car in Strasbourg, France, may be to blame.

French police were investigating, the

New Legal Frontier: Defining the Rights of Frozen Human Embryos

Thanks to today’s reproductive technology, the interrelated questions of when life begins and who has the right to make decisions about someone else’s body and children are becoming increasingly complex.

Human Rights Groups Sue for Access to Gitmo Transcripts

Claiming the Pentagon is covering up abusive treatment of detainees, human rights lawyers filed a federal lawsuit against the Bush administration Thursday seeking full transcripts of military hearings held for…

Chinese Human Rights Lawyer Freed, Warned About Speaking Out

A Chinese human rights lawyer is free after spending 41 hours in government custody.

Teng Biao said officers from the Beijing Public Security Bureau warned him about recent articles he…

Another Chinese Human Rights Lawyer Disappears

A prominent Chinese human rights lawyer is missing. At least two other lawyers who have spoken out against the government have recently run into trouble with authorities, and activists now…

Iran’s Human Rights Lawyers Face Threats, Jail for Cases They Choose

Human rights lawyers in Iran face insults, physical assaults and jail time for taking on such politically charged cases.

The Los Angeles Times chronicles their stories…

Human Rights Groups Suspect Torture in Death of Terrorism Suspect

A suspect in the slaying of Wall Street Journal Daniel Pearl was secretly interrogated by both U.S. and Pakistani authorities before his death earlier this year.

Lawyers and human-rights advocates…

Human Rights Lawyer: ‘Rendition’ is Reality

Some moviegoers might think Hollywood overstates the horrors of being kidnapped by the CIA and taken to a secret foreign prison to be tortured in Rendition, a new film to…

Chinese Human Rights Lawyer Abducted and Beaten

A Chinese human rights lawyer says he was abducted, beaten and warned to leave Beijing last weekend.

Li Heping told the New York Times that after…

Leading Syrian Human Rights Lawyer Jailed

A leading Syrian human rights lawyer reportedly was sentenced to a five-year prison term yesterday in Damascus, sparking protests by the U.S. and others.

Arrested last May, Anwar al-Bunni was…