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Jeffrey Hughes: The Legal Grinder

Serving legal advice with coffee

Patrick Lamb: A Betting Man

Betting on better service to clients

Laurel Edgeworth: The Matchmaker

Matching law grads with clerk positions online

Richard Granat: Internet Obsessive

Franchising the virtual law practice

David Van Zandt: Purple Praise

Taking a business approach to legal education

Rick Palmore: Demanding Diversity

Driving for diversity in outside law firms

Denise Annunciata: Paralegal Power

Offering paralegal work online

Rebels Tour ’09: Our Way is the Highway

We’re hitting the road, and we want you to ride shotgun.

ABA Journal Launches ‘Legal Rebels’ Project

In these times of great economic chaos lies great opportunity.

The legal profession is not just struggling through a recession, but also undergoing a structural break with the past. There…