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Afternoon Briefs: Sentence in killing of tax lawyer; SCOTUS lawyers get 2 uninterrupted minutes

Former city council member sentenced for killing his tax attorney

An 84-year-old former city council member in Cedar Lake, Indiana, was sentenced to 55 years in prison Thursday for killing…

8 ways to enhance workplace inclusivity through physical space and design

While it’s not far-fetched to speculate that changing office temperatures more than a few degrees in either direction could turn the thermostat into courtroom evidence, have entities that are committed to inclusion in the workplace considered whether a rise from 70 to 72 degrees might be enough to keep everyone more comfortable and increase overall productivity?

What advice do you have for lawyers experiencing seasonal affective disorder?

As the first day of fall kicked off last week, it’s clear that there’s been a decrease in daylight.

According to the Cleveland Clinic, half a million Americans have…

What are your best practices for working remotely?

Working from home can provide a plethora of benefits—more flexible schedules, having a custom work environment, and even avoiding some everyday office distractions. But working remotely can come with its own set of challenges, too.

Legal jobs leap upward in August

The legal services sector saw big gains in August.

The legal industry added 4,100 jobs in August, according to seasonally adjusted and revised numbers by the U.S. Bureau of…

How a kindergarten squabble, Perry Mason and a ruined dress lured this lawyer to the law

Now that you’re a lawyer, why did you choose to become one? Some can answer definitively; others scratch their heads and hesitate with a blank stare. Lawyer Marcel Strigberger shares his thoughts—and they go back to an indelible incident from kindergarten.

More law firms may close if recession hits; recruiter: ‘Once this party ends, it’s going to end very quickly’

A recession could be the final nail in the coffin for struggling law firms.

The prior recession was an aggravating factor in the dissolution of several law firms, Bloomberg…

Do you doodle at work? Does it help you stay focused?

Fast Company recently reported that doodling at work may help people be more productive.

For Kirkland junior associates, mock trial program creates court experience

The firm created the Kirkland Institute for Trial Advocacy, a lengthy civil mock trial program for associates that includes professional actors as witnesses, partners playing judges and hired jurors.

What was your best or worst public speaking experience?

Whether you’re a public speaking pro or a sometimes-nervous Nellie, most people at some point in their lives have had to address a crowd of people—albeit small or large.


Do you act like a lawyer with your family and friends?

Lawyers are often taught in their careers to develop proper communication, analytical and research skills; to be able to pay attention to detail; and to have plenty of resilience and…

A smoking-gun document offered by ex-employee of opposing party? Beware ethical risks, opinion says

The scenario: A lawyer is offered access to a document from an opposing party’s former employee, who is not represented by counsel. The lawyer is told that the document will…

Jobs in legal services sector increase for third straight month

The legal services sector gained jobs in July, the third straight month of gains.

The July gain was small—the sector added only 100 jobs—but the increase from the same period…

2 bright spots in law-grad hiring: more BigLaw jobs, higher rate of JD-required employment

The job picture improved for law school graduates in the class of 2018, with increases in both the overall rate of employment and the percentage of graduates who secured full-time, long-term jobs requiring bar passage, according to the National Association for Law Placement.

First-year lawyer offers self-care tips and shares how he learned to quiet his mind post-law school

In this episode of Asked and Answered with the ABA Journal’s Stephanie Francis Ward, Michael R. Anspach talks about his road to success after law school, his self-care tips and how he learned to quiet his mind.

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