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The Write Way to Start a Firm

Put down your goals when you draw up a business plan

Please Deposit Your Two Cents

Many solos are happy to offer colleagues some advice–for free

Where There’s a Will ...

A lightbulb went on above James Haroutunian’s head after watching countless women buy jewelry from his wife via the home-based sales parties she organized.

The Secrets of Million-Dollar Solos

Solo practitioners are a unique breed. It takes guts to strike out on your own and carry the burden of your success on your shoulders alone. Thousands of solos across…

Living and Learning Liability Lessons

How a lawyer with an M.B.A. caught a break to keep from going broke

Expansion Plans

This D.C. solo’s awash in work, but can she afford to hire an associate?

Living Large at a Smaller Size

Top-tier law grads and big-firm hot shots take their smarts to smaller practices

Our Offices, Ourselves

Your Decor Says a Lot About Your Personality, These Solos Say

Step Up When Stepping In

Taking Over for a Retiring or Ailing Colleague Requires Preparation and Know-How

Educational Vacation

Activities, Targeted Information and Low Costs Spur Growth in Solo Bar Conferences

An ADA Lesson

No Firm Is Beyond the Reach of the Americans With Disabilities Act

What Do You Expect?

Straight Talk and Periodic Updates Help Keep Client Expectations in Check

It’s Not about Size

Solos Encounter Misconceptions About Their Law Practices

Switching to House Calls

Leaving the Office Behind Is Perfect for Some Solos

Planning Makes Cents

Putting a Retirement Plan in Place Doesn’t Have To Be Difficult

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