Solos/Small Firms

1247 ABA Journal Solos/Small Firms articles.

A Matter of Circumstance

These Lawyers Found Their Own Answers to the Question of Whether to Specialize

Hat Tricks

Lawyers Holding Licenses in Other Areas Face Additional Ethics, Insurance Issues

Help Writing ‘Help Wanted’

Targeted Ads, Salary Specifics Attract the Right Kind of Applicants

Painless Paperless

From Virtual Secretaries to Online News Groups, Tech Can Streamline Small Offices

Fitting the Bill

When It’s Time to Collect, Clients Appreciate Clarity and Detail

Home Alone

Using Available Resources, Working at Home Can Pay Off

The Gifts That Keep on Giving

Schmoozing Law Firm Staff Pays Off in Loyalty and Productivity

Purse String Partners

Sharing Expenses Can Minimize Risks When Hiring Help

Avoiding April’s Anguish

Make Tax Time Less Taxing With Good Help, Good Record-Keeping Practices

Best In Show

Set Goals and Scope Out Audiences Before Committing to a Booth

The ALJ Option

Steady Pay, Regular Hours, Freedom From Administrative Chores Appeal to Solos

Casting for Clients

With the Help of the Internet, Lawyers Compete for Business

Battling the Solo Stigma

Good Work and Encouraging Words Can Deflect Snap Judgments

Strange Currency

In One Firm, Post-It Notes and Bonuses Promote Good Work

Sympathy Trap

When Good Intentions Turn Into Bad Cases

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