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Financing Solutions

The Solo Practice You Yearn for Can Be Yours with the Right Planning

Make a List, Check It Twice

A Good Conflicts-Checking System Helps Protect You from Ethics Violations

Don’t Learn the Hard Way

Representation Agreements Should Be Written With Care

The Virtual Solution

E-Mail Discussion Group Has Helped Solos Get Out of Ruts and Solve Their Problems

A Birthday to Celebrate

Solosez Is More Than a Place to Get Tips–It’s Also a Community

Clearing The Cobwebs

Bored? Brain-Dead? Solos Share Their Secrets to Getting Unstuck

How Solos Get Costs So Low

Sometimes the Clients Themselves Are Key to Saving Money

Taking the Solo Plunge

Big-Firm and Corporate Refugees Like the Autonomy More Than the Security

Security Briefing

Most lawyers don’t expect to encounter a client in their home, and certainly not a violent one. But sometimes the unexpected can catch you off guard. Security experts say preparing for the worst can sometimes help you avoid such a scenario.

Stemming the Paper Tide

In Law Practice, Good Organization Is Essential

Paid, Not Played

Estimating Fees, Charging High Retainers Help Solos Avoid Payment Hassles

A Matter of Circumstance

These Lawyers Found Their Own Answers to the Question of Whether to Specialize

Hat Tricks

Lawyers Holding Licenses in Other Areas Face Additional Ethics, Insurance Issues

Help Writing ‘Help Wanted’

Targeted Ads, Salary Specifics Attract the Right Kind of Applicants

Painless Paperless

From Virtual Secretaries to Online News Groups, Tech Can Streamline Small Offices

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