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Boies Schiller hopes to use radio, social media to inform clients it is withdrawing from Chiquita litigation

Boies Schiller Flexner wants to withdraw from its representation of about 1,400 Colombian clients suing Chiquita Brands International for its alleged support of paramilitary violence.

ABA and 2 former ABA presidents to be recognized for promoting rule of law

The World Jurist Association is recognizing the ABA and past ABA presidents Patricia Lee Refo and Hilarie Bass for their work to promote the rule of law in a ceremony today in Barranquilla, Colombia.

Political unrest, violence have forced millions to migrate and seek protection of the rule of law

When countries lack the capacity to stop violence and corruption, and their legal and law enforcement systems lack the ability to hold perpetrators responsible, their people often have no other choice but to seek protection elsewhere.

Army reverses discharge of immigrant soldier at center of media coverage

The U.S. Army has reversed its discharge of a Brazilian-born recruit after his ouster garnered widespread media coverage.

AI software is more accurate, faster than attorneys when assessing NDAs

In a new AI-versus-lawyer matchup, the lawyers were bested when trying to accurately spot issues in non-disclosure agreements.

Tasked with spotting issues in five real NDAs from companies including Cargill and Pacific Gas & Electric Co., the software from LawGeex outperformed the attorneys with an average of 94 percent accuracy, according to their study. The attorneys had an average accuracy rate of 85 percent.

North Korea, Venezuela among three countries added to new, more tailored travel ban

The Trump administration on Sunday night announced restrictions on nationals from three additional countries, including North Korea, along with those from five out of six Muslim-majority countries on the president's original list.

8 strategies for constructing your new law firm

It’s 2017, and we are all cyborgs. Don’t believe me? What’s the capital of Kyrgyzstan? You just thought about reaching for your smartphone—your auxiliary brain—to look it up, didn’t you?…

Ryan Lochte is indicted in Brazil

U.S. Swimmier Ryan Lochte has been indicted in Brazil on a charge of filing a false police report in connection with his claims of being an armed robbery victim.


US swimmer agrees to charity payment to avoid prosecution in robbery scandal, lawyer says

Updated: U.S. swimmer Jimmy Feigen has agreed to pay $10,800 to a Brazilian charity to avoid charges in connection with allegedly false claims of an armed robbery in Rio, his…

Two US swimmers are pulled from plane; official alleges armed robbery claim was a lie

Updated: An anonymous police official has told news organizations that four U.S. swimmers in Rio were not held up at gunpoint early Sunday, but they were confronted by an armed…

Brazilian judge orders seizure of passports of US swimmers Lochte and Feigen after robbery report

A Brazilian judge has ordered the seizure of passports for U.S. Olympic swimmers Ryan Lochte and James Feigen while noting “possible divergences” in their accounts of an armed holdup last…

Greek lawyer qualified for the Olympics without realizing it

A Greek lawyer who runs marathons didn’t know he had qualified for the Rio Olympics until he checked out a list of the athletes who would be competing for his…

Clyde & Co. to acquire 18-lawyer Miami firm, seeks to be top US insurance coverage shop

A London-based international law firm plans to open its sixth U.S. office by acquiring an 18-attorney Miami, Florida, corporate litigation boutique.

Clyde & Co. announced the deal with

Senior Facebook exec held for questioning as Brazil seeks WhatsApp info in drug case

Facebook Inc.’s top executive in Latin America was held for questioning on a Brazilian judge’s order on Tuesday, after the company allegedly failed to cooperate by providing WhatsApp information in…

2 suspects arrested in home invasion slaying of American lawyer in Venezuela

Two suspects have been arrested in the slaying less than two weeks ago of an American corporate lawyer practicing in Venezuela.

The South American country’s attorney general, Luisa Ortega Díaz,…

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