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Build legal tech tools with actual lawyers in mind

When I was a kid, my dad used to caution me against seeing other people’s concerns through my own eyes. “When you’re a hammer, not everything is a nail.”

What BigLaw gets wrong about pay

Like clockwork, the news reports of Cravath’s associate bonus payouts led the dominoes of BigLaw firms to fall.

Much like it did when Cravath announced its intention to…

Does tying performance to money stifle innovation and change?

This past summer, I spoke to a group of in-house lawyers about implementing the principles behind the agile manifesto for lawyers, something I wrote about in the New Normal.

Tech knowledge makes lawyers more productive, and could be key to increasing access to justice

The faith we place in our future selves is near limitless. The me-of-tomorrow is going to be more disciplined and diligent than the me-of-today. Getting to the gym. More sleep.…

Mandatory tech CLE: An idea whose time has come

One complaint. Out of 103,000 lawyers. One solitary complaint. The Florida Bar only received one formal objection to its proposal to add three hours to its MCLE requirements and reserve all three hours for technological competence.

Does machine-learning-powered software make good research decisions? Lawyers can’t know for sure

Do lawyers need to know what they are doing? If you asked sellers of legal research products, their answer might be “mostly.” New technology is changing just how much of…

Competence-based CLE: A different way to learn

Solving the other legal education crisis

Our legal education system is in shambles. Candidly, there is little the bar can do to ensure that graduates have job opportunities. That’s a market problem that requires a market…

Buy new technology? You must also invest your time in learning it

Tech comes naturally to ‘digital native’ millennials? That’s a myth

The flip side of thinking that technology should be easy (covered last post) is believing that it is too hard for those lacking natural talent. The most common iteration…

Sorry, technology isn’t easy—you take the time to learn, or you lose

A user interface is like a joke. If you have to explain it, it isn’t very good.

That pithy turn of phrase speaks to a critical concern in a tech-enabled…

The leadership opportunity for law schools

The recent global recession, new technology and many other factors have changed the job market and work environments for attorneys. The pessimistic outlook on the value of the JD is…

Why is there a disconnect between what firms are doing and what clients want?

Ever wonder about the law firm/client disconnects? It’s reminiscent of the Theater of the Absurd, where conversations are at cross-purposes. Here are some examples:

• Profit-per-partner (PPP) numbers remain astronomically…

Legal machines give lawyers the structure we need

Lawyers excel at creating structure. They can weave disparate facts and convoluted laws into a coherent narrative that persuades a judge or a jury. They can merge two unrelated entities…

The agony of invoices: When it comes to math, humans are no match for machines

Quick, critique the following billing entry:


Invoice generation is an awful exercise. Invoice review may be worse. In a series of posts, I’ve used…

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