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Decision blocking state chief justice’s impeachment trial violates guarantee clause, cert petition says

West Virginia lawmakers are asking the U.S. Supreme Court to review a decision blocking the impeachment trial of the state’s chief justice.

The West Virginia House of Delegates filed the…

Voters elect Arkansas justice who sued over ads; 2 West Virginia justices appointed after turmoil

Tumultuous Supreme Court races in Arkansas and West Virginia have ended with wins for the incumbents.

West Virginia’s top court bars impeachment trial of chief justice on constitutional grounds

The West Virginia Senate is objecting to an order of the state’s top court blocking a justice’s impeachment trial on constitutional grounds.

W. Va. justice acquitted in impeachment vote as colleague’s criminal trial begins

West Virginia Supreme Court of Appeals Justice Beth Walker will remain on the bench after state senators acquitted her 32-1 in an impeachment trial on Tuesday.

Walker was acquitted during…

Impeached West Virginia justice files federal suit alleging a ‘power grab’

A justice on West Virginia’s top court who resigned after being impeached has filed a federal lawsuit claiming the effort to remove her was motivated by dislike of her views…

Former justice on West Virginia’s top court pleads guilty to wire fraud

A former justice on West Virginia’s Supreme Court of Appeals has pleaded guilty to a single felony count of wire fraud for personal use of a state vehicle.

Menis Ketchum, 75, pleaded guilty Thursday in a probe sparked by an outcry over $3 million in spending on renovations of Supreme Court justices’ offices, report Courthouse News Service, the Parkersburg News and Sentinel, the Associated Press and a press release.

West Virginia justice resigns after House votes to impeach entire state supreme court

Justice Robin Davis of the West Virginia Supreme Court of Appeals has resigned after the state’s House of Delegates voted Monday to impeach her and three other justices remaining on the court.

West Virginia House votes to impeach all 4 justices remaining on state supreme court

The West Virginia House of Delegates on Monday voted to impeach the four remaining justices on the state’s top court, including one who was suspended following his federal indictment in June.

Amid ‘atmosphere of entitlement,’ 4 remaining justices on top W.Va. court targeted for impeachment

Four justices remaining on West Virginia’s Supreme Court of Appeals are accused of “unnecessary and lavish” spending in 14 draft articles of impeachment approved Tuesday by the state’s House Judiciary…

West Virginia’s top court loses 2 justices to indictment, abrupt retirement

The West Virginia Supreme Court of Appeals will have only three justices available to hear cases after one was suspended following an indictment and another announced his retirement in…

State supreme court justice accused of fraud, lying to federal agents in 22-count indictment

West Virginia Supreme Court Justice Allen Loughry was arrested Wednesday after he was indicted on federal charges that stem from his alleged personal use of government property, including a historically significant desk.

Trump nominates 9 to federal court vacancies

Updated: Nine more nominees for federal judgeships were announced Tuesday by the White House.

The newest wave of nominees are:

• Mark Bennett, former attorney general of Hawaii, to…

Justice Department creates in-house team to monitor accuracy of forensic testimony in criminal cases

The Justice Department has created an internal team led by a former state prosecutor to monitor the accuracy of forensic testimony in criminal cases over an outside advisory group of…

Federal judge rejects plea deal in drug case, says trial can reveal ‘dark details’ of opioid crisis

A federal judge in West Virginia has refused to accept a plea deal in a drug case in hopes a trial will reveal “the dark details of drug distribution and…

Lawyer accused of overbilling state is on the lam, but follows prosecutor on Twitter

A West Virginia lawyer accused of billing the state for work never performed didn’t show up for his arraignment last summer, but he is following an assistant prosecutor on Twitter.

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