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Best law podcasts of 2018

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Law360 Pro Say Podcast

NEW: Law360 reporters conduct a weekly review of high-profile cases and BigLaw news. Lee’s LawyerSmack network finds it a quick way to keep up with legal events.

The Lawfare Podcast

Ben Wittes is joined by other Lawfare and Brookings Institution contributors, keeping this long-running national security law briefing reliable and revelatory.

Legal Toolkit

Law blogger Jared Correia’s technology podcast has expanded into a range of legal skills and practice management topics.

Make No Law

NEW: In recounting (and sometimes re-creating) pivotal First Amendment debates, Callahan says criminal defense lawyer and Popehat blogger Ken White is “knowledgeable and a great storyteller.”

Mastermind Podcast

NEW: The lead-generator trappings may put off some listeners, but Indiana lawyer Burton Padove says the small-practice podcast helped him restructure billing so more people can afford legal services.

More Perfect

NEW: This U.S. Supreme Court omnibus from the Radiolab production team excels at giving the legal backstories of current events. “Well-produced and worth your time,” Lee says.

The Paralegal Voice

NEW: Litigation paralegal Carl Morrison continues this long-running review of issues and skills for paralegals and legal assistants. “A must-listen-to for any paralegal or anyone interested in becoming a paralegal,” Callahan says.

Reboot Your Law Practice

NEW: Scott J. Limmer and Oscar Michelen show solos how to stay organized. “I have benefited greatly by keeping in mind one of their mantras,” Padove says. “If you get so caught up in tasks that you stop being a good lawyer attending to clients, then you will not achieve success in your practice.”

Small Law Podcast

NEW: Texas lawyer Donivan Flowers provides an introspective view of small-firm issues, from underserved clients to attorneys’ health problems. “He shares his concerns as if the listener is a lifelong friend,” Padove says. “I have not heard a similar heartfelt, soul-searching legal podcast.”

Stay Tuned with Preet

NEW: Preet Bharara, co-chair of a Brennan Center for Justice rule of law task force, does not shy from issues of public corruption. As a former U.S. attorney for the Southern District of New York, he’s revelatory on criminal justice—notably in interviewing Jason Goldfarb, a former lawyer who his office successfully prosecuted—but also draws in political humorists and media figures.

Technically Legal

NEW: Chad Main, founder of alternative legal services firm Percipient, interviews legal innovators. “A former litigation partner, Chad understands the market and the current trends,” says PacerPro CEO Gavin McGrane. “He invites interesting guests and asks insightful questions.”


“Their coverage of the Joey Watkins case proved that they are not just a Serial follow-up,” says Patrick Cleary of the Epsilon marketing firm.



Podcast judges

Erin Callahan

Erin C. Callahan, a lawyer in Houston, is president of Ms. JD, a nonprofit network of aspiring and early career women in law.

Photo courtesy of Erin C. Callahan.

Keith Lee

Keith Lee, a lawyer in Birmingham, Alabama, founded the LawyerSmack private community for lawyers and the Associate’s Mind blog.

Photo by Charlene Lee.

Burton Padove

Burton Padove maintains a solo practice in personal injury and family law in Highland, Indiana.

Photo by Susan Padove.

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