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Give Us a Timeline of Your Daily Workday Routine. Is It Something You Can Handle Long-Term?

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In the last week, a memo from a departing Clifford Chance associate made its way around the Internet. In the memo, the lawyer-mother resigning from her position explained her resignation by way of transcribing a timeline of her typical day, which begins at 4 a.m. and ends at 1:30 a.m.

The story made us wonder about your schedule. So this week, we’d like you to give us a timeline of your daily workday routine. If it’s grueling, is it a pace you can handle long-term? Or are you developing an exit strategy?

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Posted by Linnea: “To ensure fairness and equal access, it’s time to move responsibility for voting out of the states to the federal government. Why should people in one state have a longer period of time to vote while the state next door has fewer hours? One state has tougher restrictions? It’s patently unfair, and when it comes to voting in federal elections, fairness and access are tantamount. Granted, some mechanics would need to be worked out with regard to how federal, state, and local elections work together to be cost-effective, but the time has come. We have to fix this.”

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