Woman Charged After On-Air Bragging of Ploy to Avoid Jury Duty; Judge Was a Listener

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A woman who called a radio show to brag about a ploy to avoid jury duty by feigning mental instability is now facing felony charges.

Susan Cole was accused of perjury and attempting to influence a public servant after the Denver judge who excused her from jury duty heard her on-air claim. Fox31Denver, the Denver Post and Denver Westword have stories.

Cole, who identified herself as “Char from Denver” in the call to KOA, said she arrived for jury duty last June wearing mismatched shoes, reindeer socks, rollers in her hair and a shirt that said, “Ask me about my best seller.”

According to an arrest affidavit (PDF), Cole responded when the judge asked if anyone had any mental disabilities. She said she “broke out of domestic violence in the military,” she gets confused when she gets ready in the morning and she previously lived on the street.

Cole, a hairdresser, told an investigator she had post traumatic stress because of an abusive marriage to a serviceman stationed overseas and she does not function well in the mornings. As evidence, she produced a book she wrote under the name “Char Cole” called Seven Initiations with El-Way’s Secrets. The publisher identifies the author as a person who lived through “an abusive marriage, and even manipulation by the United States military” before discovering Seven Initiations hidden in the Bible.

Hear clips of Cole’s on-air statements and see video from 9News:

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