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Above the Law founder David Lat is put on a ventilator after COVID-19 diagnosis

Personal Lives

ATL founder David Lat announces on social media that he has the coronavirus

Law Professors

A year after ‘tiger mom’ law prof praised Kavanaugh in op-ed, her daughter gets clerkship with him


Career of Above the Law founder and Legal Rebel takes another turn

Trials & Litigation

Judge on Trump’s Supreme Court short list proposes discovery ban for cases worth less than $500K

ABA Journal Web 100

Blawg 100 Hall of Fame

Supreme Court Nominations

Public hearing will be held on sexual assault allegations against Kavanaugh

Supreme Court Nominations

Trump reportedly interviewed these judges for the Supreme Court; is Kethledge a co-contender?

Law in Popular Culture

Above the Law’s David Lat taking a break from ‘the trenches’ of daily journalism

Question of the Week

What advice do you have for a winning legal career?

ABA Techshow

Cybersecurity issues and advice steal the Techshow

ABA Techshow

Cybersecurity experts offer stern warnings, tips for security in mass-surveillance era

Your ABA

ABA’s Ankerwycke imprint publishes books that show the ‘flesh and blood’ side of the law

Trials & Litigation

Ex-associate settles lurid sex-harassment suit against law firm


7th Circuit judge writes one-sentence ‘maybe’ concurrence; was it a ‘dubitante’ opinion?

Law Schools

Can the government help cut law school tuition? Blogger offers a solution

The Modern Law Library

All is not as it seems for 9th Circuit clerk in ATL founder’s new novel (podcast)

Law in Popular Culture

ABA publishing kicks off new trade imprint with a novel by ATL founder David Lat

Around the Blawgosphere

What things do you consider before taking a case? | Bloggers review novel by ATL’s David Lat


Texas justice is probably America’s most avid judicial Tweeter; is it unseemly?

Law Firms

Wiley Rein partner’s diligence helps Florida family recover lost camera

ABA Journal Podcast

Bryan Garner on legal neologisms and how ‘Black’s Law Dictionary’ keeps up (podcast with transcript)

Constitutional Law

City’s ‘comfort women’ memorial interferes with US right to conduct foreign policy, suit contends


How Chris Christie dealt with a blogging prosecutor

Business of Law

What do the 2013 bonuses tell us about the legal market? (video)

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