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Going Solo on a Budget

Good choices can make your move successful

Heller by the Numbers

Where Are They Now

The Closer

Selling the firm—and making rain—client by client

Tool against ‘trolls’

Bothered by “patent trolls,” those pesky creatures who wait for inventions to hit the market and then cry, “I’ve got your patent; now pay me”? John Amster says he has…

Smartphones: Which is best for you?

For the lawyer’s smartphone, there is no storm brewing over our top choices: The Apple iPhone 3G and the Black­Berry Bold are two of the best smartphones available.

Taking Charge of Work and Life

A new generation defines “the office”

A Powerful Little Tool You Must Use

Ask clients what works best for them

IP Does Not Mean Insane Profit

Understanding the needs of the practice

Farmers’ Friend

San Diegan harvests H-2A labor visas for U.S. fields

Economic Bust, CLE Boom?

Wall Street turmoil gets programs bullish on bankruptcy

Free and Clear

How to handle those inevitable inquiries from friends and family

Problems Amid the Promise

SEC disclosure changes can cause headaches for clients

It’s Time to Talk Audio/Video

Get your message across with aural, visual appeal

Down in the Data Mines

A tale of woe from the basement of legal practice

Web-Scamming the Lawyers

Even attorneys can be bilked in phony-check schemes

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