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How ICE uses secret police databases to arrest immigrants

In 2011, then 19-year-old Luis Vicente Pedrote-Salinas was leaving a relative’s house and getting into his car when he was stopped by Chicago police. Officers found an unopened can of…

Fake news lacks straightforward cure

The confusion and misinformation caused by fake news is undermining America’s ability to govern itself, experts fear.

Fake news has long held a role in American history

Fake news has a long history in America. Benjamin Franklin intentionally published stories alleging that the British paid Native Americans to scalp men, women and children in the rebellious colonies. During the contentious election of 1800, Federalist newspapers tried to keep people from voting for Thomas Jefferson by running fake stories of his death.

In the early days of the republic, however, people’s expectations for news stories were quite different from today.

Video cannot replace the courtroom sketch artist

Things changed after the U.S. Supreme Court’s 1981 decision in Chandler v. Florida gave approval to cameras in the courtrooms. Now all 50 states have some variation on when, where and how cameras can be used. Federal courts continue to resist the technology, thus still providing work for courtroom sketch artists.

What bloggers told us about the state of the legal blogosphere

The blog is not a slog. Even as more people express themselves online in fleeting notes and images, law bloggers enjoy their more reflective discipline.

10th Annual Blawg 100

See this year’s list of 100 blawgs, read about our survey of law bloggers and check out the latest additions to our Blawg 100 Hall of Fame.

Lawyer in El Salvador says clients were charged with abortion crimes after suffering miscarriages

Dennis Muñoz grew up in a conservative El Salvadorian family, and while the birth of his daughter inspired him to become an attorney, he never anticipated that he’d become known…

Panama firm obscured the trail of US funds to protect clients’ money from scrutiny, says NY Times

While there can be legitimate reasons for moving funds abroad to shell corporations, wealthy clients of the Panama-based law firm Mossack Fonseca wanted to know, as one put it in…

Did litigation kill the Beatles?

As the most successful band in history, the Beatles generated not only a record number of music hits but probably more legal disputes than any other music group before or…

Fisherman who survived 13 months adrift at sea now faces legal battle over attorney rights

An El Salvador man who says he spent more than a year adrift at sea on a Mexican fishing boat before washing up on the Marshall Islands, over 6,000 miles…

Littler Mendelson combines with law firms in Colombia and Costa Rica

Littler Mendelson has combined with law firms in Colombia and Costa Rica as part of its push to expand into Latin America.

Littler is combining with Colombian law firm Godoy…

Top Mexican drug cartel chief’s capture may not quell violence, authorities say

The head of one of the two most powerful drug cartels in Mexico has been captured in the countryside outside Nuevo Laredo, along with a bodyguard and an accountant, authorities…

ABA, IABA pledge cooperation on issues involving human trafficking, rule of law

The American Bar Association and the Inter-American Bar Association have agreed to work together on issues involving human trafficking, the globalization of the legal profession and funding for judicial systems…

Jones Day opens new office in Miami, its first in Florida

Jones Day has opened a new office in Miami, its first in Florida, in a move that is expected to expand its Latin American practice.

Bankruptcy partner Pedro A. Jimenez,…

Hacker Finds Tech Millionaire John McAfee in Guatemala by Using Info Embedded in Smartphone Photo

A tech millionaire whose whereabouts haven’t been made public since police in Belize sought to question him about a neighbor’s body found near his waterfront home last month is now…

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