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Opening Up to Open Source

Corporation counsel must be ready to deal with “free” software and its licensing

Best for the Business

“Top workplace” firms garner loyalty from clients and employees

Attorney at Loan

Secondment grows in U.S. to link firms, clients

Taming the Billable Beast

Three firms take different approaches to change by-the-hour billing

Retiring Mandatory Retirement

As some firms drop age-based policies, will others follow suit?

Have Law, Will Travel

New breed of firms provides lower-cost, high-skill help

Law on the Fly

Commuting between offices can pay off, these lawyers say

Selling Law on an Open Market

The world’s first publicly traded law firm ignites debate

A Chinese Puzzle

Foreign firms jumping into the market find ethics rules unclear

Shelling Out for the Spotlight

Firms pay big bucks to get on-air, in-print or in-person attention

Many Happy Returns

Creating a nonprofit helps others–and doesn’t hurt business, either

Grrr, Hrmph & Grumble LLP

A Cleveland partner gains acclaim with his curmudgeonly guide to law practice

The Ratings Game

Lawyers vie to be ‘super’ and ‘best,’ to the consternation of some ethics regulators

A Heck of a Good Story

A Harvard B-School Study Blows the Lid Off Duane Morris—With the Firm’s Full Consent

On The Hunt For Laterals

Law Firms Use Networking and Traditional or In-House Headhunters to Poach Attorneys

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