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Legal Thriller Author Bashes Judicial Elections, to Chagrin of Newspaper

An editorial writer at the Wall Street Journal is taking legal thriller writer John Grisham to task for supporting merit selection of judges over judicial elections.

Grisham backs merit selection…

N.Y. Lawyer: Fictional Persona Libels Me

An unusual libel case filed by a New York lawyer over a fictional portrayal in a television show of an attorney he says is recognizable as himself has surmounted its…

Lawyer Relies on ‘Animal House’ for Inspiration

In an upcoming memoir, criminal defense lawyer Mickey Sherman reveals that his courtroom strategy is inspired by the movie Animal House.

Sherman says he tries to deflect issues of guilt…

‘Danny Boy’ and its Lyrics, Written by a Lawyer, Banned at One Pub

A New York pub owner has declared his bar a “Danny Boy”-free zone.

Sorry about that, Frederick Edward Weatherly. He’s the lawyer who wrote the lyrics to the song in…

The Shame! Law Blogger David Lat Was Facebook Outcast

It’s all been resolved now. But law blogger David Lat described the week he spent as a “online outcast” after his Facebook account as one of the worst of his…

Lawyer Mines Court Records to Pen ‘Naked Quaker’

Contrary to what we now tend to think, bad behavior was common among the Puritans during the 1660s, according to Diane Rapaport. And she should know: Long-ago court records have…

Hollywood Zingers

Movies and TV portray lawyers without apology

What Are the Oscar Odds for Legal Thriller ‘Michael Clayton’?

The legal thriller Michael Clayton has seven Oscar nominations, but its chances of a win may not be all that good, if history is any judge.

In 80 years, there…

Susman & Godfrey Gets Starring Role in Documentary

A Sundance Film Festival documentary that chronicles the fight against coal-fired power plants in Texas is boosting the image of Houston law firm Susman & Godfrey.

Lawyer-Actor Writes Gitmo Script

An actor-turned-lawyer has written a 30-minute screenplay that imagines the deliberations of three military judges deciding whether to hold a Guantanamo detainee as an enemy combatant.

Sig Libowitz played a…

Attorney Avatars Create Virtual Bar, Virtual Law & Virtual CLE Courses

In many ways, it looked like a standard bar association meeting. But the woman clad in an orange tutu and thigh-high black stockings offered one clue that the attorneys attending…

Md. 3L Produces Net Hit: ‘Law School Musical’ (Video)

Now a third-year law student at the University of Maryland, Owen Jarvis faced a “drastic” shift in expectations when he first entered law school.

But instead of dropping out, Jarvis…

Full Court Coverage

What happens when defense counsel and ordinary citizens blog about high-profile trials?

Newsmakers of the Year 2007 and 2008

Editor’s Note:

When this article was posted online on December 12, 2007, it was titled “Lawyers of the Year 2007 and 2008.” The article defined that term as the year’s…

Julia Roberts Character Doesn’t Cuss So Much, Thanks to Houston Lawyer

Houston lawyer Dick DeGuerin had a hand in making some script changes in the movie Charlie Wilson’s War—and was a guest at the premiere.


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