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Tech fails too, says Sensei’s Sharon Nelson (podcast)

Lawyers often think technology should always work. That’s aspirational, says Sharon Nelson, president of the cybersecurity, information technology and digital forensics firm Sensei Enterprises Inc.

“People can screw up, but…

Rocket Lawyer’s Charley Moore sees lawyer collaboration as the future (podcast)

“Nicholas Negroponte’s book Being Digital had a profound effect on me,” Charley Moore recalls. “The book said that anything that can be digitized will be. It’s just a matter of…

Suh sees LegalZoom’s job as fixing a ‘failed’ legal system (podcast)
"We didn't start out to be disruptive," John Suh, LegalZoom's chief executive officer, tells the ABA Journal's Victor Li. "We were set up to fix a problem. The legal system was broken, and too many people were frozen out of it."
Technology? ‘It’s here, it’s good—do it,’ Ernie Svenson urges (podcast)
Ernie Svenson--aka well-known blogger Ernie the Attorney--was an early evangelist for what he calls The Paperless Chase. The basic premise: "Anything you can do with paper, you can do more with PDF. Way more."
Technology is ‘breathtakingly positive,’ says writer Monica Bay (podcast)
A focus on developing communities is a significant part of Monica Bay's writing, and she says that's why she was drawn to legal technology.

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