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Law firms say they want ‘practice ready’ grads—but who are they actually hiring?

Washington & Lee University Law School’s decision to emphasize practical skills in the 3L year and subsequent enrollment surge was called the “biggest…

Firms with blogs have seen increased revenue; is there a correlation? (video)

Kevin O’Keefe, founder of the social media company LexBlog, says that his company’s annual State of the…

Language gives us ways to remain honest and tactful–and to preserve client confidences

Letters: Magical Thinking

Law prof Chemerinsky offers a syllabus on how the high court can polish its publicity

For the Word Lovers: A look at linguistic phenomena

‘Big-firm mediocre’ style of legal writing is oddly consistent, ‘curmudgeon’ writes

The former big-firm lawyer Mark Herrmann turned his critical eye—along with a scalpel in one hand and an axe in the other—on lawyering and legal writing some years ago, laying…

What judges really think about the phrase ‘May it please the Court?’

Legal journalist dies near 50th anniversary of the case he chronicled in ‘Gideon’s Trumpet’

Former New York Times reporter Anthony Lewis has died at the age of 85, just one week after the 50th anniversary of the Supreme Court case he chronicled in the…

Why lawyers can’t write

Around the Blawgosphere: Pool of trained associates will eventually dry up, blogger warns

The pool is drying up

To an extent, in-house law departments and “New Normal” law firms are benefiting from the investment that “old normal” law firms make…

Lawyer-lawmaker blames poor writing for bill that would criminalize abortions by rape victims

A New Mexico lawmaker says the critics misinterpreted her proposed bill that appeared to criminalize abortions by victims of rape and incest.

The bill said procuring abortions in cases of…

Is it ‘pleaded’ or ‘pled’?

An ABAJournal.com reader recently questioned the publication’s editorial judgment when a story told of two women who pleaded guilty to criminal charges.

“This may be a hanged

Argument Talk: Tips for Litigators on Raising, Answering and Dropping Points

What’s an Error in Language?

What constitutes a language error? Interesting question—and one that lawyers, as professional rhetoricians, should have a keen interest in. It plunges us straightaway (should that be straightway?) into the middle…

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