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Decisions on Coffee Makers and Baggy Pants Earn Honors for Best Legal Writing

International contract disputes aren’t usually high on legal reading lists, but there is one that should be.

A majority and concurring opinion (PDF) by two judges for the Chicago-based…

Legal Writing Advice: Go Ahead, Split Your Infinitives

Blindly following grammar rules can be a mistake for legal writers, according to a lawyer and a public relations consultant.

That means it is permissible to boldly split your infinitives,…

Legal Writings of SG Nominee are ‘Dense, Hedged and Moderate’

The legal writings of Harvard law dean Elena Kagan don’t provide many clues about her terrorism positions that vexed the Bush administration.

The New York Times

Scalia: Legal Writing Doesn’t Exist

Justice Antonin Scalia—the U.S. Supreme Court’s great dissenter—stayed true to form as he accepted a lifetime achievement award from the American Society of Legal Writers on Saturday.

“I do not…

Making Your Case

The Art of Persuading Judges

Scalia Interview Transcript

ABA JOURNAL: We’re here in Washington, and we’re here with Justice Scalia and with Bryan Garner in Dallas. We’re talking about their new book, and the book is called Making…

Scalia ‘Disturbed’ About Church-State Separation ‘Lie’

Justice Antonin Scalia is nothing if not quotable. In his latest speech yesterday, he confessed to being disturbed about claims the Constitution erects a strict wall of separation between church…

Legal Writing Instructor Among Pulitzer Winners

A Harvard University law grad who teaches legal writing and literature at John Jay College of Criminal Justice in New York is among the Pulitzer Prize winners announced this week.

Why Words Can Be Like Ugly Cravats: Justices Dish on Legal Writing

Eight U.S. Supreme Court justices come clean about their legal-writing pet peeves and their opinion-writing philosophies in “raw and unvarnished” videos posted to a linguist’s Web site.

Lawyers who specialize…

Justice Scalia Teams With Writing Expert for Book

Judges have long complained about deficiencies in lawyer advocacy. Now U.S. Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia is doing something about it.

Scalia is working with legal writing expert Bryan Garner…

Legal Writing That Works

Persuasive briefs are the product of tough choices about substance, style

Legal Writing Prof Has Writing Issues

An online paper about environmental dispute resolution posted by Victoria Dawson reportedly is clumsily written, ungrammatical and filled with spelling errors. The problem is, she’s a legal writing instructor at…