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US will hold Russia accountable for war crimes in Ukraine, AG says in stirring speech

Clarify overseas employment guidance for military families, House urges

The U.S. Departments of State and Defense should clarify rules that relate to military spouses and family members who want to obtain or maintain telework, virtual or other forms of employment while accompanying service members overseas, the House of Delegates said at the ABA Annual Meeting in Denver on Monday.

Huge $266.7M legal fee approved in $1B Dell settlement; which law firms will benefit?

Delaware’s chancery court appears to be more lucrative than federal court for plaintiffs lawyers in big-recovery securities class actions.

Sweeping changes to military justice code mandate handling of serious crimes outside chain of command

President Joe Biden on Friday signed an executive order that implements large-scale changes to the Uniform Code of Military Justice.

Pardoned ex-soldier plans to take the bar exam; is he unfit for practice?

A former Army lieutenant who was convicted of second-degree murder for ordering his men to fire on three men in Afghanistan hopes to become a lawyer after his pardon by former President Donald Trump. Soldiers who served under him are raising objections.

ABA Military Pro Bono Project has been connecting volunteer attorneys to servicemembers in need for 15 years

It hardly makes sense to ask military members to make the ultimate sacrifice for our country—and then deprive them of access to legal services, says Pamela Stevenson, chair of the ABA Standing Committee on Legal Assistance for Military Personnel.

Attorneys nationwide prepare for Law Day celebrations

Kari Burns describes promoting the rule of law as “near and dear” to her heart. That’s why Burns gets involved in Law Day, which is annually May 1 to recognize the rule of law in our society and encourage a greater understanding of the legal profession.

Supreme Court should decide Camp LeJeune case and fix Feres doctrine ‘chaos,’ Thomas argues

U.S. Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas argued Monday that the Supreme Court should have decided an appeal filed by the widow of a service member who died from leukemia after his alleged exposure to toxins and contaminated water at Camp LeJeune.

Military lawyer abducted war orphan when she arrived in US with guardians, suit claims

A legal dispute between an Afghan couple and a U.S. military lawyer centers on a child who was about 2 months old in September 2019 when she was injured and her family was killed in a U.S. military operation in rural Afghanistan.

Military can court-martial reservists with ‘de facto retirement status,’ federal appeals court says

A federal appeals court has held that Congress did not exceed its constitutional authority when it allowed court-martial jurisdiction over a service member who was retired from active duty and working as a civilian employee.

Weekly Briefs: Old arrest warrant found in Emmett Till case; former White House counsel subpoenaed

Emmett Till’s family seeks arrest after warrant found

Researchers have found an unserved 1955 arrest warrant in the basement of a Mississippi courthouse that accuses Carolyn Bryant Donham in the…

Supreme Court allows US to discipline military officer who saw ‘sacramental quality’ in vaccine mandate

The U.S. Supreme Court on Monday allowed the government to discipline a lieutenant colonel in the Air Force Reserve while he appeals his vaccine refusal case.

How lawyers can optimize performance under pressure

From hostage rescuing and fast roping to skydiving and stress shooting, the United States Special Operations Forces has mastered the ability to remain cool under pressure.

Supreme Court allows Navy to consider SEALs’ vaccine statuses; plaintiffs ‘treated shabbily,’ dissent says

The U.S. Supreme Court last week allowed the Navy to consider a vaccine refusal by 35 Special Warfare personnel when making decisions on their deployment and assignment.

Weekly Briefs: Biden describes 4 potential SCOTUS nominees; US liable for over $230M in church shooting

Biden does ‘deep dive’ on ‘about 4’ potential SCOTUS nominees

President Joe Biden told NBC Nightly News on Thursday that he has done a “deep dive” on “about four” potential…

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