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Letters August 2018
Text-message reminders are a cheap and effective way to reduce pretrial detention
With just a couple of dollars, courts and public defenders can keep people from being arrested.

Court date reminders sent to defendants via text message are an inexpensive, simple intervention being tested across the country.
Iowa Supreme Court says alleged sex harassment by former county attorney didn’t merit ouster

An elected prosecutor in southeast Iowa says he will be back on the job after the state’s Supreme Court ruled 4-3 that…

The Chicago police legacy of extracting false confessions is costing the city millions

Of the 29 wrongful conviction rulings involving false confessions in the United States in 2017, 13 were in Cook County. Of the more than 260 false confession cases since 1989, about 25 percent have come from Cook County.

This city may have the first criminal justice system to be led entirely by black women
The city of South Fulton, Georgia, has a municipal court system that is led entirely by black women, but it wasn’t part of any kind of master plan, according to Chief Judge Tiffany Carter Sellers.
More than 150 deputy public defenders protest appointment of chief they believe is unqualified
Pitting themselves against the government agency that oversees their office, a group more than 150 Los Angeles County public defenders staged a protest Monday against their new interim chief.
Public defender in California resigns after suit challenged his qualifications

The public defender in Humboldt County, California, has resigned after a lawsuit challenged his qualifications for office.

David Marcus resigned Nov. 22 after nine months on the job, report the…

Judge orders inmates with history of masturbation or other sexual misconduct to wear cuffs in court

Detainees in Cook County, Illinois, who have a history of masturbation, indecent exposure or other sexual misconduct will have to wear handcuffs during courthouse visits, a federal judge has ruled.

About 100 public defenders protest outside courthouse after ICE arrest; lawyer tells of ‘chaos’

About 100 public defenders staged a protest Tuesday outside the criminal courthouse in Brooklyn, New York, after agents with Immigration and Customs Enforcement arrested a defendant who was in court…

Female Chicago-area public defenders file equal-protection suit over masturbating inmates

Six Chicago-area assistant public defenders have filed a federal civil rights lawsuit that claims they have been subjected to a hostile work environment as a result of inmates…

ACLU sues Nevada, alleging constitutionally inadequate indigent defense system

The ACLU of Nevada has sued the state, alleging that indigent defense in rural counties is so inadequate—and so poorly overseen by state authorities—that the defense provided is insufficient under…

Pentagon defers contempt sentence of chief defense counsel in Guantanamo defense ‘revolt’

A Pentagon official has deferred the contempt-of-court sentence of Marine Brig. Gen. John Baker, the lead defense counsel in the case of a Guantanamo Bay detainee that caused a revolt…

Chief defense lawyer for Gitmo military commissions is sentenced for contempt

A Guantanamo judge has imposed a contempt sentence of 21 days’ confinement on the Marine general who is chief defense counsel for the military commissions there.

The judge, Air Force…

Public defenders are fed up with masturbating inmates, chief PD says

Public defenders in Cook County, Illinois, won’t be visiting courtroom lockups in Chicago until the sheriff does something about masturbating inmates.

Public Defender Amy Campanelli issued a memo on Tuesday…

Judge faces ethics probe after lawyer claims denied bathroom break led to courtroom accident

A Georgia judge acknowledges she is facing an ethics investigation over allegations she denied a bathroom break to a public defender who says she tried to catch the judge’s attention…

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