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Do you think online courses are effective?
Technology has altered the legal profession, and legal education is no exception.
How do you prepare for days away from the office to stay productive?

With subzero temperatures taking the Midwest by storm, courthouses and many private businesses shut their doors this week, report the Washington Post and Chicago Tribune. The American…

How do you manage your screen time?

Technology can be both a friend and a foe. Computers and phones keep us constantly connected, but they also distract from the physical world. Between scrolling through Twitter and checking…

Who is your favorite civil rights hero?

Martin Luther King Jr. is one of the most prominent faces of the American civil rights movement, having set the standard for nonviolent activism in an era of rampant racial…

Have you ever thought about writing a book?

It’s no secret that the legal profession requires skill with the written word. But usually that ability is reserved for court motions and briefs—not novels.

In the January/February issue of…

What’s your 2019 New Year’s resolution?
Every year the Earth makes another trip around the sun. At this point in the journey, we make New Year's resolutions on how to navigate the next lap.
Do you give holiday gifts to clients and co-workers?

The end of the year is traditionally a gift-giving time, whether it’s to celebrate the new year or religious holidays such as Hanukkah or Christmas. While you might feel confident…

Who are your favorite lawyers to follow on social media?

Every summer, the ABA Journal asks our readers to submit their favorite legal blogs and social media accounts as part of our annual Web 100 feature. We use a…

What common language errors make you grit your teeth?

Whether you’re listening to a voice message from a client, reading aloud a brief or consulting a colleague about a case, you’ve likely heard someone use a wrong word in a sentence—and it made you cringe.

Do you always write briefs to the maximum length?

Earlier this month, the U.S. Supreme Court ruffled feathers with some proposed changes to its rules.

One of the biggest changes would be cutting the allowed length of reply…

What are you thankful for?

Our parents told us to count our blessings. Many people take that literally.

The gratitude journal is part of faith tradition and evidence-based health practice. In a 2008 experiment,

Have you ever won elected office?

Some ABA members hear the call of political office, and several found success in 2018 midterm elections. They’ve even credited lessons learned through ABA experiences with helping them achieve their…

How do you shift gears to be more productive?

Sometimes under stressful work situations, your brain is barraged by so many thoughts you feel blocked and stymied. And it’s not always easy to break out of that anxiety spiral…

What’s your most memorable civil wedding ceremony story?
On Oct. 31, for the second year in a row, Akron Municipal Court Judge Nicole Walker will be officiating Halloween-themed weddings.
What word or words do you struggle with pronouncing correctly?

Standard pronunciation is a moving target. Lawyers are trained to mind precedent. These two ideas are likely to clash in court, or anywhere attorneys argue their positions.

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